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Telehealth is the remote exchange of data between the clinician and their patient. It is the delivery of healthcare services by video calls, digital software, telephone consultations, email and SMS communications.


In current times, getting a GP appointment for advice and treatment of conditions such as back and neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle weakness, loss of mobility and balance is often difficult and delayed due to a GP's heavy patient caseload. As a  result, patients are losing crucial time to help resolve their injury or manage their condition. Ultimately, the injury or condition can worsen and/or take longer to resolve, significantly impacting quality of life both physically and mentally.

Telehealth really does suit everybody and every lifestyle. Whether you're busy at work, travelling on holiday, home-based or are less mobile and struggling to leave the home.....ADROC Healthcare & Wellbeing is here to take care of your health.

Rest assured, you will receive rapid access to the right service of the highest of standards. You will feel listened to and that your concerns have been addressed and noted fully. You will feel confident and empowered that the prescribed advice and treatment you have been given, will put you on the road to recovery.

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How Does It Work?

The majority of patients that haven't experienced a telehealth consultation before, are most concerned that if the clinician cannot see them face to face and put their hands on the problematic area, how will they know what's wrong and therefore how will they get the right advice and treatment needed to get better?

The answer is, even when you are seen face to face in clinic, the majority of information required to diagnose and give you the right advice and treatment comes from you and your story. Therefore, you will be questioned and screened thoroughly, ensuring that further investigations and an onward referral to another specialist is not required. Rest assured, our clinicians are excellent listeners and are very experienced, equipping them with all of the right tools to take excellent care of you. The majority of our patients are successfully managed by telehealth consultations, with only a very small percentage of patients needing further investigations or an onward referral.


Here at ADROC Healthcare & Wellbeing, we all work on the principle that if the service we deliver and the care we provide is not good enough for our own family members, then it isn't good enough for our patients.  

What Treatment Will I Receive?

Every individual will have their treatment and management tailored to their needs. However, most patients will receive advice and education about their injury/condition on their first consultation. We believe that if you have a true understanding of what the actual problem is, it will empower you to adhere to our advice and therefore optimise your rate of recovery.

You are likely to be prescribed a tailored exercise programme to aid your recovery, which you can access instantly through your free app. This helps both you and us monitor your adherence and your progress, which also allows you to leave comments for your own reference and also feedback to us with any queries, giving you access to your clinician at any time.


You will have a follow up consultation to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes/progressions to your tailored treatment programme. You will receive excellent care until you are at a self-management stage and ready to be discharged. If at any stage face to face consultations are indicated, this will discussed and explained to you by your clinician.

Please note, that our telehealth service is not to replace A&E, 111 or Hospital care

Taking care of your health is our priority

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