Rehabilitation At Home

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Many individuals choose to have treatment and rehabilitation at home. Whether the reasons are a lack of transport, physical conditions, mental health conditions or a general weakening of their body due to illness. To put it another way, individuals  become de-conditioned.

This commonly occurs when recovering and trying to overcome surgery or an illness. One such illness in recent months has become COVID-19. Like many other illnesses, it can leave the individual feeling weak, in pain, experiencing shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. 


It's difficult to try and self-manage your own symptoms when you're not sure what, when and how much activity you should be doing to help yourself to improve and get back to your normal. This is when iAccess Healthcare & Wellbeing can intervene and make a positive difference. 

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You can now receive a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme in the comfort of your own home, specific to you and your needs.

Book Your Online Consultation 

  • Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive a link to download the free Physitrack app.

  • Your video consultation will be carried out securely using the app.

     (If you're unable to download an app, the video consultation can also be 

     accessed online via our website).

  • You will be taken through the process step by step on the screen, including signing a consent form for the consultation to go ahead.

  • You will then connect with your clinician and your consultation will begin.

  • Your senior physiotherapist will address your problems and put a tailored daily management and exercise programme into place for you.

  • Your advice and exercise prescription will be sent direct to your app. This will be in a written format, illustrations and video demonstrations.

  • You can monitor your adherence to your treatment programme using the app, so that you are doing the right things at the right time to aid your recovery. 

  • You can also send messages to your clinician with concerns or a request for advice.

A comprehensive, modern healthcare approach.

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