Post-Operative Rehabilitation

When we undergo surgery, it is often a significant event in our lives. Significant because we hope that the outcome of surgery will be a good one and also, that it will help to improve our quality of life.

Unfortunately, surgery such as a new knee or a new hip isn't a cure. It is just the beginning of a journey. The real hard work and commitment begins when it's time to get the joints moving, improve muscle strength and get mobile again.  All of which wasn't great months before the surgery due to pain, so to regain what was once a good, functioning limb can be extremely hard work.

Xray scan of patient who have hip replac
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Follow up appointments with a Physiotherapist can be a limited number for some patients. Telehealth is ideal for patients that have had their allotted Physiotherapy sessions and are several months post surgery but just feel that they would like to build on their confidence, have extra guidance on realistic expectations and exercise progressions. 

So why not book an online consultation with one of our senior physiotherapists?


There is no obligation to book additional appointments. However, most patients do re-book a second or third consultation, as they feel it is of real help to their progress and quality of life to get back to 'normal' again.

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