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We deliver a secure, rapid access telehealth service.

We understand that the successful recovery from an injury is significantly influenced by access to the right advice and treatment quickly.

For the majority of clients, they can achieve self-management of their injury remotely from the comfort of their own home with the standards of care we provide.

     Once we receive an instruction, the client is contacted within 24 hours.

  • They will receive a link to download the free Physitrack app. This is a secure, telehealth application.

  • The client books and appointment time to suit their schedule and the telehealth consultation is carried out securely using the app.

     (If the client is unable to download an app, the video consultation can also be accessed online via our          


  • The client is taken through the telehealth process step by step on their screen, including signing a consent form for the consultation to go ahead. This will also include consenting to the release of their medical records to yourselves, the instructing party.

  • The consultation will then begin. The consultation is thorough, allowing the clinician to rule out anything that requires further  investigations.

  • The prescribed advice and exercise programme is then sent directly to the client's app. This is in a written and illustrated format, including video demonstrations. There is also an option to choose the language that the programme is delivered in.

  • Via the app, our case managers can monitor client adherence to the prescribed treatment programme and also access outcome measures to ascertain how effective treatment is being. They can also gauge when the client is likely to be discharged.

  • The speed and monitoring of each client's progress has never been so simple, giving real time information on a daily basis, keeping you well informed throughout the client's rehabilitation journey.

  • The client can access their app 24/7 and also message any concerns direct to their clinician. The client feels confident they are doing the right thing at the right time to aid their recovery. 

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This really is a gold standard service

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Please note, that our telehealth service is not to replace A&E, 111 or Hospital care

Taking care of your health is our priority

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